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Jacek Jakubczyk began his career in the area of security in the army. During 5 years of military service, graduation from the war academy and promotion to an officer in the elite unit of specialist reconnaissance, Mr. Jakubczyk gained excellent training. After the dissolution of the military unit, Mr. Jakubczyk worked for 1.5 years in a specialist anti-terrorist unit in Warsaw. Then he worked in private protection of persons and property, successfully running his own business in the form of a security company. The company was suspended as Mr. Jakubczyk obtained the honor of working in the Government Protection Bureau (BOR). During his 21 years of work in the Government Protection Bureau, Mr. Jakubczyk made the following achievements:

  • Protection of the most important people in the world: King of Saudi Arabia, Queen Elizabeth II, US Presidents (Bush Senior and Junior, Clinton, Obama), German Chancellors (Kohl, Schröder, Merkel), the Emperor of Japan, the King of Thailand, the Head of the United Nations, Popes ( John Paul II and Benedict XVI),
  • Protection of the most important people from the Polish government: presidents (Kwasniewski, Kaczynski, Komorowski), prime ministers and ministers,
  • Commanding the security in three diplomatic posts. (Cologne Germany, Odessa Ukraine, Cairo Egypt),
  • Participation in foreign missions: Iraq, Afghanistan,
  • Protection of the Polish delegation at the international G20 summit in Davos, Switzerland,
  • In total, Mr. Jacek Jakubczyk has 27.5 years of experience in state security services (Polish Army, Anti-Terrorist Unit, Government Protection Bureau).
  • The number of the concession: L-0235/18